For many decades now the sports of car racing (e.g., Formula 1, Indy Car) has served the massive car industry as the “test bench” to add and improve features of standard cars. Similarly, sports medicine clinicians, therapists and researchers have paved the way for advancements benefitting the general population. While bed rest once was the cure to heal from injury, thanks to cutting edge sports medicine achievements, physical activity in various forms is now key for athletes for fast return to competition and but also to help any man or woman. Two decades ago doctors and physiotherapists were still hesitant to incorporate eccentric actions as part of their exercise prescriptions.

The Soccer World Cup in Russia is around the corner. Let talent, individual skill, great coaching, team effort and physical performance and highly conditioned players decide the outcome – not random and questionable referee decisions we have witnessed so often in the Champions League and the major leagues in the past.

In this Newsletter you will find the nHANCE Exhibit Calendar for the next couple of months. At these meetings and venues, YoYo Sports & Medical and nHANCE™ will be present, and offer anyone to get on our classical and brand new products. Several great speakers have already been confirmed for the 5th Annual Global Hamstring Project. The final program will soon be announced. Follow our weekly updates at

Adrian Witt

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