For the commercial gym, with ambitions to attract people who are really serious about their training, the nHANCE exercise machines can do wonders! We can almost guarantee, that once gym members have tried a few intense sets on any of the nHANCE machines, they will prefer this over any conventional weight stack or free weight training – the difference is huge and the feel through the full exercise motion is truly sensational to anyone!

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Among the machines in our range, the the nHANCE Knee Extension, Leg Press and, especially, the Leg Curl, are the most convenient to bring directly onto the gym floor as replacements or complements to any conventional equipment of the same type, since training on these three machines requires very little special instruction or guidance for the avid trainee – the machines even look familiar to most people and are very easy to use.

The the nHANCE Squat and MultiGym also work quite intuitive to the trainee, but we do recommend some initial instruction for convenience and safety reasons and, not least, in order to get the most out of all exercises.


ESA multigym 4

ESA astronaut, commander Frank de Winne working out on the nHANCE™ MultiGym on the International Space Station (ISS).

Starting in late fall 2014, the nHANCE is presenting the “ASTRONAUT WORKOUT™”; a training concept based on the scientifically designed exercise program for NASA astronauts for building muscle pre, during and post space flights!


The ASTRONAUT WORKOUT ™ is performed in small groups of 4-7 people simultaneously, led by a Personal Trainer.

The workout is performed solely on the the nHANCE MultiGym – originally developed for use on space stations and space shuttles. A work out on the the nHANCE MultiGym provides an ultra-efficient and totally unique workload to the muscles – in the full range of motion of every exercise – yet it’s a very safe form of strength training, even for the inexperienced as well as for the elderly.


One out of the ten exercises in the ASTRONAUT WORKOUT™, Tricep Press, performed on the nHANCE™ MultiGym.

The original ASTRONAUT WORKOUT™ has now been adapted and modified to fit regular “on-earth” conditions and we’ve developed it into a high-intensity, eccentric training strength workout for the whole body, with 10 different exercises, performed in small groups of 4-7 people simultaneously. The workout is always led by a coach/Personal Trainer, for purposes of timekeeping, monitoring and to keep the intensity at the right level through the whole workout; The ASTRONAUT WORKOUT™ is highly time-effective; each of the ten exercises are done in 3 sets with 7 repetitions/set and the total workout can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

The the nHANCE ASTRONAUT WORKOUT™ is a unique new training concept, enabling scientifically proven efficient strength training in small groups at the gym. Given the time-effectiveness vs. the results gained from this workout regimen, this concept should appeal to both gym owners, Personal Trainers and club members alike.