Swimmers get faster in water with YoYo Squat shows new research!

Research conducted by Drs. Cuenca-Fernandez, Lopez-Contreras and Arellano of the University of Granada shows sensational results. The paper “Effect on swimming start performance in two types of activation protocols: lunge and YoYo Squat” was recently published in the J Strength and Conditioning Research. After the swimmers did four reps on the nHANCE™ Squat driven by YoYo Technology™, they got off the block quicker, got in the water faster, and swam faster than after performing lunges with barbell. The authors concluded that this post-activation potentiation (PAP) protocol, executed 8 min before sprint swim enhances performance. Sensational! Yes, but not surprising to us, as we have testimonials of high-caliber alpine skiers doing YoYo Squats prior to racing with remarkable benefits.

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