Stroke patients benefit from flywheel resistance training

Stroke patients benefit from flywheel resistance training

Break through research shows stroke patients benefit from resistance training adopting nHANCE™ equipment driven by YoYo Technology™. The latest issue of the acknowledged Swedish trade magazine “Fysioterapi (#6, 2014) has an article about an ongoing research and rehab program at Östersund’s Rehab Center, a program that has shown astonishing results so far: In a very short time stroke patients improved their leg strength by 50% from training on nHANCE™ equipment driven by the YoYo Technology™.

For a person suffering from stroke, muscular rehab training is most often very difficult, since the brain can’t communicate with the muscles like with a healthy person. “We believe this method might be just the recipe”, says Peter Sojka, Head Physician at Östersunds Rehab Center and adjunct Professor at Mittuniversitetet University. Dr Sojka continues; “In a time when there is a lot of talk about rehab in home environment, it’s worth emphasizing how important it is with specialized training on advanced machines, though it requires a certain amount of supervision and guidance.”

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