Compared to nHANCE™ few, if any single piece of resistance exercise equipment has been so thoroughly scientifically validated by means of physiology and efficacy to build muscle and strength.

Over the last 20 years, and following the pioneer paper describing this flywheel inertial technology, a myriad of research publications have appeared in support of this resistance exercise method. Thus, nHANCE™ in-house R&D is supported by extensive research performed at academic entities around the world and published in prominent peer review journals.

Greater muscle use.

Functional MRI was employed to study muscle use during nHANCE™ Leg Press exercise in strength athletes. In muscle cross-section images obtained soon after exercise, the extent of muscle use is inferred by increasingly lighter shading. Below are images at rest and immediately after five sets of ten reps of the Barbell Squat and the nHANCE™ Leg Press (Berg et al., 1993).

rehab1 (1)Resting image of the right thigh taken before exercise.
rehab2 (1)Muscle use in the Barbell Squat. Notice the quadriceps and adductor muscles, which appear lighter in this cross section than in the resting image.

rehab3 (1)nHANCE™ Leg Press produced greater muscle use than the Barbell Squat. More muscle, i.e., all quadriceps (RF, VL, VM, VI) and adductor (ADL, ADB, ADM) muscles, are “lit up” after nHANCE™ Leg Press exercise.
Studies conducting the nHANCE™ standard training formula of four sets of seven repetitions reported sensational results.
For example, men and women who trained nHANCE™ Knee Extension every third day, showed a rate of quadriceps hypertrophy never reported before. Perhaps even more stunning, subjects walking on crutches for five weeks yet took part in this training, showed a 9% increase in quadriceps muscle size (Tesch et al., 2004a; Tesch et al., 2004b; Norrbrand et al., 2008).

Improving bodily performance of the old.

Resistance training for the elderly has become very popular, and is now an accepted important method of retarding age-induced muscle atrophy (“sarcopenia”). As a result, muscle dysfunction can be better preserved, and incidence of falls and hence risk of fractures reduced.

Short term resistance exercise programs using the nHANCE™ Knee Extension, is proven very effective to improve muscle function and increase muscle size in old men and women (Onambélé et al., 2008).
Similarly, research in progress infer that stroke patients, showing compromised lower limb muscle function and atrophy, can benefit from nHANCE™ Leg Press training.


The new nHANCE™ machines, driven by the original innovation YoYo Technology™, are the result of more than two decades of research and validations. Thus, the claims we make for our equipment’s function, quality and excellence are scientifically validated and verified like no other muscle resistance training equipment on the market. Really.

Few, if any, equipment on the market or in the history of sports science has been as thoroughly validated as YoYo Technology© equipment. And we dare to share our findings, knowledge and evidence for that claim:

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