Today’s athletes are seeking for the ultimate method to get a performance edge. This genius exercise technology has been beyond my highest expectations.

- Inge Johansson, Sweden (Head Coach, Swedish Olympic Weightlifting Federation)

The #215 YoYo™ Squat Ultimate Pro offers most impressive explosive power or brute force in the classical squat, but also an endless number of powerful, functional leg exercises; lateral-, skating-, split squats, lunges, calf raises and many more. Adding the #216 YoYo™ Hooper’s Box Pro (see pictures above) allows for even more and complex exercises. The vest used with the #215 YoYo™ Squat is anatomically designed to effectively unload shoulder and spine. Strap length is readily adjusted to accommodate body stature, exercise mode or range of motion desired using the YoYo™ Strap Anchor (not displayed) replacing the pulley shown in pictures. The YoYo™reduces friction close to zero. Optional exercises using attachments (handles and bars) to involve trunk-and core and upper-body muscle(s) groups are bent over or upright row, arm curls, pulls, shoulders, deadlift and many more. 

Like any other nHANCE™ driven by YoYo device, this tool produces eccentric overload, proprioception, stretch shortening and unique neuromuscular stimulation, unheard of before. Originally designed by us to serve NASA astronauts on the Space Shuttle, this is the most effective Squat machine acknowledged by high-profile athletes, coaches and sports medicine professionals.

This is a highly effective tool to employ in late stages of rehabilitation and return to play programs as the #215 YoYo™ Squat Ultimate Pro has shown great success in patients suffering from patellar tendinopathy, or recovering from ACL injury and surgery.

* Tesch PA et al. Clinical Applications of Iso-Inertial Eccentric-Overload (YoYoTM) Resistance Exercise. Frontiers in Physiology. 8:1-16.2017.
Weight: ~25 kg (55 lbs)
H/W/L: ~0.26 m/ ~0.90 m/~0.45 m
Box flooring: Red high-quality linoleum
Flywheel(s): Anodized red aluminum
Strap: Black special fitting polymer
Vest: Red polymer
Transmission: Ball bearings
Resistance: Unlimited; variable
Power: None – Power Sensor: Magneto inductive

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