#213 / LEG CURL

nHANCE Leg Curl

After using the nHANCE™ Leg Curl for three years, our team did not experience one single serious hamstring injury. On top of that, our players added significant muscle mass. On a 5-graded scale, I would rate the Leg Curl 5+! My advice to all professional football teams is; Just get the machine!

- Heikki Mäkelä, RPT, Elfsborgs IF; Swedish Premiere League Soccer Club

The nHANCE™ Leg Curl was designed and validated together with the best coaches and track & field athletes, to produce extraordinary hamstring strength, power and speed, and to withstand the extreme ground forces produced in sprints and powerful jumps.

Use of the nHANCE™ Leg Curl has proven high efficacy in reducing the incidence of hamstring muscle strains and injuries – the most common severe soft tissue injury in professional soccer players, and a serious concern in sports like football, rugby and baseball. The nHANCE™ Leg Curl keeps players on the pitch! Experienced by athletes, and supported by science, the nHANCE™ Leg Curl builds speed, muscle and power faster than conservative approaches using weights. While the hamstring muscle group is most challenging to target, it appears more muscle is involved and showing more use, compared with weight stack machines or other methods. That is a fact!
The nHANCE™ Leg Curl allows for either uni- or bilateral exercise.

The Leg Curl is furnished complete with two 2 pcs flywheel #2 (Inertia 0.05 and 0.025), and user’s manual.

Weight: ~76 kg (incl. packaging for shipping)
?H/W/L: ~0.72 m/ ~0.52 m/~1.90 m
Frame construction: Powder coated steel; aluminum details
Cushion and foot pad: Reflex blue high quality lace
Resistance mechanism: ø 0.37 m aluminum flywheel(s)
Resistance: Variable, unlimited
Transmission: Ball bearings, acetal hubs and pulley
Flywheel strap: Special fitting dense polymer
Power supply: None

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