Quite, compact — and most importantly, extremely efficient by virtue of its high eccentric load– this concept should appeal to virtually every major subgroup within the general population, from those in schools and on teams at all levels, to those in gymnasiums, those in physical therapy clinics, and those wishing to train in the privacy of their homes.

- Dr. James E. Wright, Los Angeles, CA (editor Joe Weider’s Muscle & Fitness and Flex)


The #211 YoYo™ MultiGym offers an endless number of powerful, functional exercises; the seated leg press, calf raises, back extensions, bench-and French press, biceps- and reverse curl, upright, lateral shoulder raises and much more. It comes with two vests (chose two units from S, M, L, XL, XXL) anatomically designed to effectively unload shoulder and spine for optimal comfort; adjustable crossbar and several handles for various upper-body exercises. Strap length is readily adjusted to accommodate body stature, exercise mode or range of motion desired. The seat can be set in either fixed or sliding operational mode.

Like any other nHANCE™ driven by YoYo™ device, this tool produces eccentric overload, proprioception, stretch shortening and unique neuromuscular stimulation, unheard of before. Originally designed to serve NASA astronauts on the International Space Station, this is also the most effective exercise machine on Earth. Given the small size, low mass and sheer mobility, the #211 YoYo™ MultiGym is the ultimate all-round exercise gear to be used anywhere. The machine is acknowledged by high-profile athletes, coaches, and sports medicine professionals, and an ideal equiment to bring to the team’s pre-season camp but also in any rehab setting because of the most versatile exercise options.

Weight: ~68 kg (150 lbs)
H/W/L: ~0.61 m/ ~0.50 m/~1.95 m
Frame: Textured grey steel
Seat: Red high-quality lace
Flywheel(s): Anodized red aluminum
Strap: Black special fitting polymer – Vest: Red polymer
Transmission: Ball bearings, acetal hubs
Resistance: Unlimited; variable
Power: None – Power Sensor: Magneto inductive

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