#212 / LEG PRESS

I must say I am most impressed with the Leg Press! Initially when compared with the bulk of other Leg Press devices, it appears almost too compact. But the eccentric overload is unbelievable! Essentially, with a motivated trainer, every repetition can be maximal.

- Peter Reed, Australia (Managing Director Australian Sports/Medical Industries Pty Ltd)

This, now reconfigured fourth generation, classical machine was the very first in the YoYo™ product family.

The #212 YoYo™ Leg Press allows for either the seated uni-or bilateral closed chain leg press. It is equally well suited for the seated uni-or bilateral calf press. Hence, the #212 YoYo™ Leg Press targets all four heads of the quadriceps; adductors, hip extensors and plantar flexors.

Like any other nHANCE™ driven by YoYo device, this tool produces eccentric overload, proprioception, stretch shortening and unique neuromuscular stimulation, unheard of before. That’s why professional alpine skiers, hockey-players and other athletes use it to help maximize strength, power and speed. The #212 YoYo™ Leg Press is designed to reduce unnecessary strain to the knee joint and also to minimize load on the lumbar back using anatomical lumbar support.

This is the ultimate safe tool to employ in any stage of knee rehab and return to play programs as shown by the success in the treatment of patients suffering from chronic patellar tendinopathy and ACL. Also, exercise using this machine has proven highly effective in stroke and other neurological pathologies.

Weight: ~51 kg (112 lbs)
H/W/L: ~1.15 m/ ~0.59 m/~0.98 m
Frame: Textured grey steel
Upholstery: Red lace
Flywheel(s): Anodized red aluminum
Strap: Black special fitting polymer
Transmission: Ball bearings, acetal hubs
Resistance: Unlimited; variable
Power: None – Power Sensor: Magneto inductive

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