The most time-efficient strength training device I have ever used. nHANCE™ training maximizes concentric and eccentric loading yet offers a great and smooth servofeel.

- Ove Rytter, Health & Fitness Entrepreneur, Strong Events.

The #214 YoYo™ Knee Extension is the ultimate machine to isolate quadriceps use, as it targets all four heads. Using a somewhat tilted seat design and anatomical lumbar support, the #214 YoYo™ Knee Extension allows for either uni-or bilateral coupled concentric-eccentric actions. It accommodates individuals of all body statures with “easy to adjust” settings for thigh-and lower leg. Range of motion (ROM) is readily set by adjusting strap length to produce partial-or full ROM actions, while avoiding over extension about the knee joint.

Like any other nHANCE™ driven by YoYo device, this tool produces eccentric overload, proprioception, stretch shortening and unique neuromuscular stimulation, unheard of before. This is a most effective knee rehab machine acknowledged by sports medicine professionals. But it is an equally effective machine to build quadriceps muscle size.

Thus, this is a most safe tool to employ in any stage of rehabilitation and return to play programs. Exhaustive research* using the #214 YoYo™ Knee Extension has shown great success in treatment of patients recovering from ACL injury and surgery. It is equally appreciated as a method to combat “sarcopenia” in the elderly, as well as muscle atrophy in “want-to-be” astronauts.

Weight: ~70 kg (154 lbs)
H/W/L: ~1.17 m/ ~0.58 m/~1.10 m
Frame: Textured grey steel
Upholstery: Red lace
Flywheel(s): Anodized red aluminum
Strap: Black special fitting polymer
Transmission: Ball bearings, acetal hubs
Resistance: Unlimited; variable
Power: None – Power Sensor: Magneto inductive

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