Incredible! This is an amazingly powerful concept and totally unique.

- Dr. Paul Ward, Costa Mesa, CA (former NFL player and Director of Research & Education for the Health and Tennis Corporation of America)


In the world of american football, NCCA teams Huskers, Aggies and Razorbacks are among users. And the players do like nHANCE™ and the YoYo Technology™!

This is what a survey among college football players showed after only 5 weeks of training using the nHANCE™ Leg Curl:

On the question ”which feels better – nHANCE™ or weight stack?”

81% were in favor of nHANCE™! Only 9% preferred weight stack.

On the question: ”what would you use”?

The answer was impressively 60% for nHANCE™! No one said weight stack! A minority preferred to use both exercise modalities.

Some of the personal comments from players were:

”Made me work harder”, ”I could’t cheat”, ”I feel stronger”, ”I felt I got the same effect with far less reps”, ”My legs feel quicker in agility drills”, “I have noticed a size difference”.

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